Senior Men

An experienced rower lurking quietly in the shadows of Gower Street?

Easter camp in Portugal, competitive training on the Tideway, gym buddies, fancy dinners and balls, sports nights in Loop Club; University of London’s biggest and strongest rowing college are recruiting for 2018-2019.

The Senior Men Squad gathers experienced rowers into a competitive and sociable group seeking performance throughout both Head and Regatta seasons. Last year, the squad brilliantly won gold at BRIC (British Rowing Indoor Championship). The season ended in the club’s 11th straight qualification at Henley Royal Regatta, overcoming late injuries and illness. After winning against Surrey University on the Wednesday, our 1st VIII lost to Newcastle A on the Thursday.

We train on the water twice a week in Chiswick and hold a double session on Saturdays. Regular land training is done at Bloomsbury Fitness gym on campus. We row most often in eights and fours but focus on small boats will tend to increase next year in training as well as racing.

Four training camps punctuate the squad calendar. The first one (preseason) is held ahead of the start of term 1 and starts on September the 17th in Chiswick (London), as well as Winter training camp will come prior to term 2. Then the whole club holds its summer training camp in the sunny Avis, Portugal. Finally, Henley training camp arrives before HRR qualifiers to further develop the squad’s preparation for the regatta.

Joining the UCLBC Senior Men’s squad not only makes you part of a driven and competitive team but part of one of the largest, most recognized and most sociable sports clubs at UCL. The club hosts a strong weekly sports night as well as many of its own social events through the year including dinners, balls and a social tour, all led by our two social secretaries.

If you’re interested in joining the squad for the coming year please get in touch using the email address below or contact Fabian Lefievre (Senior men captain) on Facebook. We will also be running a stand at the Welcome Fair and hope to see you there.

Fabian Lefievre

Senior men captain (2018/19)

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