UCL Boat Club was founded in 1864 and the club’s first race was recorded on 24th May 1864 against Guy’s Rowing Club.

UCL made its debut as University College and Hospitals Boat Club (UC&H) at Henley Royal Regatta in 1933 when they lost to Reading Rowing Club in the Thames Cup. The Club raced again in the Thames Cup in 1950 and lost by no more than a canvas to Leeds University after a fierce battle down the course. The race report is as follows:

UC&H started at 39, were not below 35 throughout and finished at 39. They led by 1/4 length at the 1/4 mile and by 1/2 length at the 1/2 mile. Leeds starting at 38 and settling to 33, closed up, took the lead after Fawley and had 1/3 length at the Mile.