Novice Men


Welcome to UCLBC and the Novice Men’s Squad!

The Novice Squad at UCL is the perfect balance between sport and social. The result is the ideal amount of fun, work and reward you need to get the most out of a society at UCL.

The Novice Squad is the perfect starting point and gateway into rowing, it is open to anyone, regardless of your experience. We make sure that even if you haven’t sat in a boat before, you will row proficiently and improve your technical ability in only a short matter of time. The ultimate aim of the year is to bring home some trophies in the summer regattas. Not only does rowing provide the perfect platform to make friends at university, it also tailors you as a person, teaching you skills such as time management and teamwork that you will carry for life.

In early October we will host a series of welcome meets, you’ll come down to the boat club and get stuck in with a range of activities aimed to give you a taste of what is to come. Most importantly you’ll get a go in a boat out on the Thames with all the support from some of our senior rowers. These events cost nothing and we will provide food and drink so even if rowing seems like a fairly distant interest, sign yourself up!  Rowing at the start of the year is very flexible and, if you like it, you can come down for more sessions before deciding to join us and continue as a member of the rowing club.

Led by the coach Alan ‘Woody’ Sherman, a Paralympic medalling cox and multiple Henley winner, a typical week for the most competitive of the novices usually consists of water sessions on weekends and Wednesday afternoons, alongside land training at the gym. Most of the training will be flexible and you will easily be able to fit it around lectures. It’s amazing how much your fitness will increase, and you will very quickly become hooked! One of the most thrilling weeks is during Easter when whole the club goes to Portugal for a training camp. Bonding over rowing, under the sun will be an unforgettable experience.

Now comes the best bit: socials. We row hard, we party hard – the epitome of UCLBC’s philosophy. Sports Night happens every Wednesday, where the whole club meets up at the Phineas bar before rolling on to Loop. Anyone from the club is welcome to any social, and throughout the year there will be a series of special events! These range from black tie boat balls to fancy-dress nights in your favourite below-average night club!

You can find us at fresher’s fair, and feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions beforehand. I really look forward to meeting you in the next term!

Henry Wigston

Novice Men Captain – 2018/19