At UCLBC we have squads of Seniors and Novices. If you are a serious rower looking to compete at the UK’s most prestigious races and regattas then contact our Senior captains and come along to our preseason training camp. However, if you’ve never rowed before and but want to try your hand at it then our novice squad beckons!

It’s not just rowers that can find a home at UCLBC, coxes too are much in demand. A unique way to be part of a sports club while at university with opportunities to develop and learn alongside your crew with the chance to make a big contribution to racing and even win medals.

If you are interested in joining UCLBC then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by either filling out the form below, or emailing one of the captains.

Fabian Lefievre (Senior Men) –

Rosie Mason (Senior Women) –

Henry Wigston (Novice Men) –

Laura Riggall (Novice Women) –

Lauren Johncock (Cox Captain) –

Please note: If anyone tried to submit the Join Us form before the 10 July 2018 there was an error with the form and your response has been lost. We would really appreciate if you could take the time to re-submit and we’ll get back to you soon.