Fours Head Roundup & Cambridge Head Announcement

Fours Head

Sunday 12th November saw 8 UCL Boat Club athletes take to the championship course for Head of the River Fours 2017. The two crews, A & B put in a great performance, giving a great first indicator of progress for the Senior Men’s Squad.

On Sunday, the A crew placing an amazing 4th place in their division, and the B crew placing 16th. The A crew applied their power effectively to put in a stellar performance. Whilst the B crew could have been racier, they rowed with high quality, and were still able to beat the Kings College London BC Crew.

This Saturday, we move onto the first club-wide test of power and talent. Cambridge Winter Head 2017.

Cambridge Winter Head 2017

This Saturday the club shall be travelling to calmer waters in Cambridge for our first whole club race. With a grand total of 12 crews, 4 Novice and 8 Senior, this will be an excellent experience for the club to bond, get a fresh taste of head races and showcase our talent as a club. The crews are as follows:

Novice Squad

Novice Men

Novice Men's VIII's

Novice Women

Novice Women's VIIIs

Senior Squad

Senior Women

Senior Women's VIIIsSenior Women's IVs

Senior Men

Senior Men's VIIIsSenior Men's IVs