BUCS Day I Roundup & Day II Announcement

Day I Report

A great first day of racing for our three crews. Today saw the MInt8+, the MB4+, and the WInt2- test themselves against vast and strong University competition, notably for the first time in side-by-side regatta racing.

The day started early with pleasing and promising time-trail results – the men placing comfortably in the top 12 and the Women’s Pair placing 22nd, amongst intense competition from other crews. Both Men’s crews then raced extremely well to place in the B Finals. Then finally both crews raced valiantly, placing 2nd (MInt8+) and 5th (MB4+).

Women’s Pair Results
Men’s VIII+ Results

MInt8+ Results

Men’s IV+ Results

MB4+ Times


Bloody good race. Some serious strength on show. Led all except Brookes A to the 1k and then just started slipping a little. Bristol were being spoken about at the start as the next big thing. Couldn’t get ahead of us for 3 minutes though! Moving forward, if we work on our second half of the race, and holding off crews that we get ahead of, we’re golden.
– Matt Bromley, in reference of the MInt8+.

Day II Crew Announcement

Tomorrow will see the Men’s Intermediate IV+, the Men’s Intermediate Double, the Women’s Beginner IV+, and the Men’s Beginner VIII+. Take a look at the Crews below.

Words from Coach Bromley


The Women’s squad has a real chance to show what they are capable of. There were glimpses of some huge potential after mixing the beginner women and senior women’s squads, which started at Women’s Head of the River. That potential is now flourishing with the fastest crews we have had all year now vying for position at the largest student regatta in the country. Boat to watch: Women’s Beginner 4+

– Matt Bromley



Men’s IV+ / Intermediate / TT @10:10

Men’s Double / Intermediate / TT @09:10


Women’s IV+ / Beginner / TT @08:30


Men’s VIII+ / Beginner / TT @09:50


Well done, and good luck to tomorrows crews!