Henley Women’s Regatta….3 days to go

As is becoming tradition, it’s been a long time since our last post so lots to quickly catch up on before talking about the main event that is just three days away now…

  • Went to Avis, Portugal for training camp and the women retained the title of Milka Challenge Cup Champions (just…)
  • Won a bronze medal in Intermediate 8s at BUCS Regatta (just 0.88 seconds behind Gold), the first time a medal has been won in the 8 at this Regatta
  • Had a weekend of testing involving 2k tests and seat racing to decide who was going be representing UCLBC at Henley Women’s Regatta
  • Raced at MET Regatta where the top Academic 4+ won WIm3 4+ on Saturday and on Sunday, the two top 4s came together to compete in the Challenge 8s and came 2nd in the B final (less than half a second behind the winners of WIm2 8+)
  • Had another win at Peterborough Regatta in the WNov 8+
  • Spent 5 days in Henley on our last training camp of the year and final line-ups for the crews being entered into Henley Women’s Regatta were confirmed
  • Reading Regatta saw the top Academic 4+’s winning streak continue with a win in WIm3 4+ on Saturday and WIm1 4+ on Sunday

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All crews will race in the qualifiers on Friday morning and will need to come in the top 16 crews to ensure their crew then races in the 3-day regatta. After an incredibly successful year for the UCLBC Women’s squad in which numerous medals have been won, records broken and firsts have happened, there is now only one regatta left and hopes are high for the top Academic 4+ to continue their unbeaten record and finish off the season with another Henley Women’s win.

UCLBC crews entered into Henley Women’s Regatta

Senior 4+

Cox: Steph Stokes
S: Louisa Bolton
3: Claire Garnett
2: Jess Rankine
B: Louise Blair

Academic 4+ A

Cox: Florrie Beard
S: Georgia Statham
3: Marijne Mak
2: Holly Exton-Smith
B: Lucy Ellis

Academic 4+ B

Cox: Sophie Schauman
S: Zoe Watson
3: Inga Sagolla
2: Tamsin Howard
B: Gemma Wells


Jamie Smith
Alan Sherman (“Woody”)
Alan Sinclair
Chris Au