Celebrations marking UCLBC’s 150th year have begun.

On the night of Friday 3rd November, the Boat Club took to the water, powered this time by petrol rather than muscle. Nevertheless, team spirit was high and the Burlington Burtie cheer was deafening as the first celebration event of 150th anniversary year got underway.

102 of this year’s 116 members celebrated the success of the Club in the first term, giving new members the chance to mix with the old in slightly more formal attire, rather than the usual lycra, and let’s not forget the Alumni and coaches too.

The first 5 weeks of term saw the Club complete two successful try out days, where everyone who signed up had a chance to row on the Thames for their very first time. As a result 78 new novice members joined UCLBC and they have all started their training plans, had multiple outings on the water and first ergo test of this year. After being introduced to the rowing ‘way of life’ they are now focusing their efforts on achieving success at their first race in two weeks’ time at Cambridge Head.

The seniors also had a chance to let off steam at the Boat Ball after diving straight into their gruelling training schedules and getting back on the water after the summer break. With the upcoming international race in Basel, Switzerland, there has been no time to sit and rest as fitness needs to be at its peak as quickly as possible.

All in all, everyone enjoyed the night’s celebrations not only because it’s the Boat Club’s anniversary year but also it marked a successful beginning to the season.


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