The beginning of term one promised new and exciting things for UCLBC, with an abundance of new novice rowers meaning the Boat Club became bigger than ever. The onslaught of ergs and weights after three months off, however, was not met with quite such delight… Suddenly Bloomsbury’s erg room filled up, purple and blue dominated the UL boathouse, circuit training turned the gym into something resembling a steam room and our Boat Club events were filled with even more dancing, debauchery and fun.

And this is only the beginning…

Term One was seen off with the annual Christmas Dinner, a night to celebrate our first term successes and thank all those who had made it happen. Captains and Coaches received their eagerly anticipated presents, with Woody declaring he loved his wellies and Max sporting his festive jumper the majority of the night (never to be seen again…). And despite having to wait slightly longer than expected for our food (never let a rower go hungry… we’re a rowdy bunch when we want to be) we ended the night getting lost on the dance-floor (literally), thanks to some great festive tunes and even more wine.

And the festivities were not to stop there. Christmas hats, music, mulled wine and tinsel could be found at the UCL boat bay, as the last day of training was exchanged for Turkey Racing. Some ‘friendly’ competition and festive spirit made the day one of much merriment… including watching a 5-foot cox rowing alongside a 6-foot rower (a particular highlight!). The final result was a draw between the Ho Ho Hos, The Love Boat and Charlie and the Unicorns, to top off an excellent term for UCLBC.

So Happy New Year to all, and here’s to another great term of rowing!

Athena Mellor, Fundraising & Publicity