Fours Head 2012

Fours Head was a mixed day for UCLBC. The day began with the news that the Men’s IM1 4x and IM2 4+ had to be scratched due to >50% substitutions rule, following squad illness. This had left only the Women’s IM2 4+ to represent the club.

Starting at 493 out of 496 seemed daunting for the crew, with a long wait to the start and many athletes off the water and warm before their race had even begun! However, after an exciting race which saw the 4+ overtake 3 crews, the women finished 364th, 17th out of 44 in their category. This was the best UCL Women have ever done at Fours Head, marking a strong start to the season for the womens squad.

Stephanie Stokes, Women’s 4+ Coxswain